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Finally Launch Your YouTube Channel The Right Way,
Without The Tech Headaches
With A 12 Month Plan,
In 4 Weeks Or Less​

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Who's a good fit for this?

Of course YouTube is not for everyone and neither is this offer, so who is this for specifically?

You want to reach a bigger audience organically?
You want to get infront of a bigger audience and you already use alternative methods, you feel the obvious next step is paid traffic but you’ve not tried or really strategically had a go at YouTube.

You are an authority or want to be in your industry
You’re tired of seeing others excel when they’re not as experienced as you or they give out bad advice, you know your advice is better but feel like your voice is not being heard.

You’re on the constant hamster wheel of content creation
You know there should be a better way and you think YouTube is just going to be more work, but guess what, I’m here to tell you it’s not and can actually make the hamster wheel LESS taxing

You feel like YouTube is going to be too much work
The truth is, you just need a plan and an easy to follow process, in this course and bonuses, i’ll show you my simple process.

What do you get in this 4 Week Programme;

🔥 4 Group Zoom Sessions 🔥
We meet once a week for 4 weeks to help you move the needle through each of the phases, this is where I get to know your business, the purpose of your channel and make a start with the channel research,  meet to organise filming and editing and finally we meet a third time to finalise the launch. During meeting 1 we actually set your launch date

🔥 Bespoke YouTube Plan 🔥
We complete the research for you, once we’ve had your onboarding form, we will complete research to help plan the first videos you need to create, we aim to finish this planning session with 12-24 weeks of content planned ahead of time.

🔥 Channel Fully Branded 🔥
Anyone who has tried to brand their channel knows of the struggle getting the correct sizes so we helpo by providing the templates you need to get the channel branded as quickly and easily as possible

🔥 BONUS: 12 Months Access to The Creator Meetup Community 🔥
This includes access to the private community with a dedicated App, no more distractions in Facebook.
Includes optional access to our weekly group calls, these are great if you have questions you need answering after our first 4 weeks together or if you just want accountability, we have some members who show up to these just for weekly inspiration

Here’s exactly what you get inside…

✅ Lifetime Access to the Getting Started on YouTube course.

✅ Easy to consume video content, with captions

✅ Around 60 minutes of content in the course, allowing you to rapidly take action and get your channel launched this week!

Module 1: Channel Setup

In this module I will help you setup your channel, this is a step by step guide to setting up a Google account through to setting up the YouTube channel.

During this section we will also setup the branding using the Canva template provided in Bonus 2, by the end of this module you’ll have a channel setup and ready to publish videos.

And wait, there’s more…

Bonus 1: 30 Minute Strategy Call

I’m opening my calendar for a limited number of people so I can help you plan your channel. (Value $125)

You can use this call  anytime over the next 3 months for things like

✅ The best gear for your YouTube setup
✅ How to come up with content ideas
✅ How to repurpose your videos
✅ The best way to maximise YouTube for your business
✅ How to make money on YouTube from day one

Ready to take up this offer?

Only £997

Hey, I'm the King of Video
(a.k.a Matt Hughes)

Ready for an even more awkward question?

“Matt, how can you teach this with just over 1200 subscribers?”

Look, i’m not a YouTube sensation, this is true, but I do know how to create videos and I do know how to strategically launch your channel to make money from day one, that’s how I was able to generate £40,000 from YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers.

With my video company we travelled the world creating video for huge brands through to small businesses, we understood how to get the most out of the equipment you have, whether that’s an iPhone or a Mirrorless camera with detatchable lenses, I know YouTubers who have built their channels to 100,000 subscribers with just their mobile phones.

Teaching business owners how to create video has been my job for almost 10 years and I can use that skill, expertise and experience to help you fast track your video production and get you started on the same journey as me, as I cement my place on YouTube.

Are you ready to Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote your content and use YouTube to help Grow Your Business?


Launch your channel in 2024 guaranteed!!

Only £997

Frequently Asked Questions

The incubator is focused on the four key pillars of YouTube
Plan, Produce, Publish & Promote.
By the end of the 4 weeks you will have;

  • Setup your Channel correctly
  • A 12 Month content plan
  • Published your first 1 – 4 videos (depending on the route you choose)
  • Have a simple process to film / edit your videos
  • Have a clear content repurposing / promotion plan

We have courses, yes. But that’s not what the Accelerator is. The incubator is about ACTION, courses invariably, sit on your digital book shlef and gather dust, so why buy another course you won’t take. Instead, let’s meet every week and make actual progress to get this launched.

Virality is based on so many aspects, so instead we focus on consistency and incremental improvements in your videos & content. This is why the programme includes 12 months access to my membership. The incubator is just the start, you will absolutely have more questions throughout the year and that’s why the weekly group calls exist.

The group meets every Friday at 12-1PM

There are two ways to pay

  • Annually (£997)
  • Quarterly (£267 x 4)

You have 12 months access to the accelerator as part of your subscription. I promise you will have questions over the next 12 months and the group calls on a Friday will be a lifeline for you. 

I may as well point out the elephant in the room, I have 3000 subscribers as it stands. So I am no viral sensation, however, I am a video expert and i’ve travelled the world making video for businesses from one man bands through to billion dollar companies.

What I can guarantee you is my personal time and energy,to help you with your YouTube journey.
Bigger creators (and potentially, future Matt) do not have the time or capacity to help you, yet when you attend the weekly calls you will be there with me working together, no other creator offers this level of 1-2-1 time at this price point.

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