Your Ultimate Roadmap to WIN at YouTube

Get ready to Launch a YouTube Channel The Right Way (in just 4 weeks)

Without any tech headaches, constantly wondering ‘what should I create?’, and questioning if you’re doing it the ‘right’ way.

The Accelerator is a 12-month programme to help you launch and grow the channel potential clients have been searching for (in just 4 weeks).

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Calling Small Business Owners with Big Business Goals

You’re pouring time (and energy) into a YouTube channel that’s stuck in a rut. Time and energy that as a business owner, you just don’t have.

It feels like the more you do, the less traction you get, and you’re fed up waiting for something positive to come from all your hard work

If you’re anything like the hundreds of clients we work with every week, you’re ready to chuck it all in.

You’re thinking:

If this is you, you’re not alone.

And even better, I can help

The truth is that building a successful YouTube channel takes more than whacking videos online and hoping for the best.

But it’s also not as difficult as most YouTube experts would have you believe.

With the right guidance – and tools – you can plan and launch a YouTube channel without any of the tech headaches and overwhelm you’ve been battling up till now.

I help small business owners just like you to plan, launch and thrive on YouTube.

There’s no reason it can’t work for you, too.

Take back control and create your own YouTube Success

Even I’ve struggled with wrangling YouTube in the past.

When I first started my YouTube journey, I spent hours and weeks dealing with the technical and strategic aspects of setting up my channel and creating content, and I’m the King of Video!

I worked way into the night researching best practices and trying to figure it all out on my own and I kept running into roadblocks and challenges that needed constant tweaking and adjusting.

It was exhausting, and swear words were used! 

I thought, “If I found that so hard, how are business owners who don’t have video experience going to cope?”

Over time, I developed a structure and a strategy that helped me get my own YouTube channel on track, and I used that structure for my clients, too.

I placed that structure at the heart of my courses and memberships as quickly as I could because I couldn’t sleep at night. I kept coming back to the idea that if I struggled to get set up and moving, other business owners might get completely crushed by it.

And they did.

But then they found this page, and their YouTube channels took off.

Um… Matt. You only have 3000 followers on YouTube

Hi, I’m Matt Hughes - aka King of Video.

And you’re right. I am not a YouTube sensation

But I’m going to let you in on an inside secret.

You can plan, launch and run a successful YouTube channel without a huge following.

I know because I do it.

In 2022 I generated £40k from my channel with less than 1000 subscribers and I can teach you to do the same.

I might not have the following, but I’ve got the know-how to make YouTube work for me anyway.

I’ve seen firsthand (and have supported) YouTubers to build incredible channels with nothing more than their mobile phones and a whole lot of passion.

It’s not about having the latest and greatest equipment; it’s about telling your story and connecting with your audience in a way that feels authentic and engaging.

For nearly a decade, I’ve been helping business owners just like you unlock the power of video.

I’m all in for it, and I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you.

If you’re fed up being stuck on the pause button, and you’re ready to hit fast-forward on your own YouTube journey, you’re going to love working with me.

Get ready to love your YouTube channel

Wouldn’t it feel amazing if your YouTube channel was more than just a collection of videos?

For it to be a busy, thriving hub of inspiration and ideas that brings in loads of engagement, growth, and opportunity.

That’s possible.

And what about waking up every day feeling excited to connect with your passionate audience, to share your message, and make a real impact in your industry?

That’s possible, too. 

When you create a channel that YOU love to hang out and work in, your followers will love hanging out and learning there.


To create content and work on your own terms so you can work wherever and whenever you want


To spend with family and friends so you can find a balance between life and work

financial security

As your channel grows so you can invest, plan and enjoy success


To collaborate with other creators so you can expand your network and reach

And the best part is that you don’t have to plug away for months and even years

A thriving YouTube channel, one that showcases your expertise, attracts your ideal clients and generates a steady stream of leads and sales is possible in a few short weeks.

Don’t believe ME? You will!


Launch the channel potential clients have been searching for
(in just 4 weeks)

The YouTube Accelerator has been designed to give you exactly what you need to reach your goals on YouTube.

This 4-week flywheel covers everything you need to plan and set up your YouTube channel, and is backed up with a year’s support, community and learning to keep working on it and turn it into a sustainable and thriving community

If you’re fed up wrangling the tech, overwhelm and self doubt that comes with creating a YouTube channel, then the YouTue Accelerator is the best place for you right now.

Hear What People have to say:

What's Included?

The 4-week Group Incubator

Accelerate your YouTube success with our 4 transformative group Zoom sessions.

Each week, we’ll guide you through the critical phases of launching a thriving channel, from defining your purpose and researching your audience to mastering the technical aspects of filming and editing.

You’ll receive personalised support and feedback, build connections with fellow creators, and walk away with a fully optimized channel primed for launch.

These sessions are your fast track to YouTube mastery.

By working through the Accelerator, you’ll gain tangible skills and create the assets you need to succeed on YouTube.

Walk Away With:

The support inside the group will keep you feeling motivated, inspired, and part of a growing community of like-minded creators.

12 month membership to the YouTube for Business Community

Gain access to a full year of YouTube support and guidance.

This community is designed to help you excel in the four key areas of YouTube success:

As a member you can join in weekly calls, access in-depth video tutorials, downloadable templates, case studies, and a private forum where you can connect with people just like you.

This community is packed with resources and tools to get you on your way to YouTube success.

Using the 4 Ps of YouTube Flywheel (Promotion, Planning, Producing, and Publishing), you’ll have access to a huge library of video tutorials, downloadable templates, checklists, and worksheets that will help you design, build, grow and thrive on YouTube.  

Sometimes the biggest block to creating a thriving YouTube channel is the loneliness.

Not with the Accelerator.

With our built-in membership, you have a ready-made crew of supporters, cheerleaders and accountability buddies to get you over the line every time.

If you have questions, there’s always someone with the answer. If you need extra inspiration or a bit of motivation – that comes, too. Weekly calls and a private forum gives you a safe, supportive space to ask questions, share your challenges and triumphs, and receive personalised feedback and encouragement.

Together we will:

Content and Repurposing Plan

Take back your time

You already have enough going on, so why make life harder than it needs to be?

The Content & Repurposing Plan will take you step-by-step through planning your content in advance, and give you an easy-to-action strategy for repurposing it again and again on your channel.

This is the sure fire way to quickly build a consistent schedule for your channel that gets you the results you’re after. 

Consistency = productivity = confidence = enjoyment!

Content Promotion Framework

make marketing great again!

The Content & Repurposing Plan is your step-by-step guide to planning out your all important client gaining, time saving content. 

The Content Promotion Framework shows you the exact steps to take to take your YouTube content and turn it into valuable, engaging and relatable content across other marketing platforms. From social media, emails, web pages and so much more you’ll have everything you need to market your business online while freeing up your time to go off and be amazing elsewhere in your biz. 

Year Long Access to YouTube for Business Community

A community built on motivation, inspiration & activation

Growing an aligned YouTube channel for your business can feel lonely.

On any given day you have questions, doubts, ideas, uncertainty and challenges. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you could voice what you’re going through? And even better – have people you trust give feedback, suggestions and motivation to keep going?

The YouTube for Business community is all of that and more. Perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs like you want a YouTube channel that works as hard for your business as you do.

You’ll build relationships, friendships and projects alongside other talented entrepreneurs as you create content and develop a strategy that gets eyes on your channel from day 1. With the YouTube for Business community, you’ve found your people. And together, you’ll strengthen your channel, your confidence and your business. 

Weekly Group Calls

Specific, tailored support just for you

If you want to make changes quickly, and see results fast – the weekly calls with Matt are going to help you fast forward your YouTube activity. 

When you join the calls every week you’ll build momentum, jump over stumbling blocks and get the right answers, ideas and tactics for your specific challenges. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter business owner (well, unless you make cookie-cutters), so don’t accept cookie-cutter advice. 

During the weekly calls, Matt will keep you on track, keep you motivated and (in a very kind and loving way) give you the kick up the bahookie you need to make YouTube work for you and your business. 

Quarterly Channel Reviews

Dig for victory!

Every quarter you’re invited to submit your channel for review. 

Matt will dig into the details of every part of your channel and give specific, valuable feedback for improvements. No stone is left unturned from thumbnails and descriptions to end screens, keywords and optimisation.  

You could figure everything out by yourself (that’s what YouTube is for, after all), but you’ll never find the specific, nuanced feedback that you need on your channel, and the hard work you’re putting into it to make it fly. 


More Words of Love:

Fancy bagging a bonus (or six)?

Pay In Full 2024 Bonus:

Tubefest Ticket (virtual or in-person)

Value: £398

Happening in Dublin on October 25th, TubeFest is the UK’s ULTIMATE conference for all things YouTube. It’s the place to be for content creators and content creating business owners. 

TubeFest was created to fill a huge gap in Europe’s marketing events. We know how important YouTube is for your marketing, but up till now there have been no events that hone in on tactics, strategy, tools and ideas to help you WIN at YouTube. 

TubeFest is a celebration of video marketing. Aunparalleled event: one that combines the finesse of creator tactics with solid business strategy, turning every learning into an opportunity for profit. A place to learn vital skills, to figure out your way to YouTube success and to meet some incredible, funny and inspiring people along the way. 

No hidden sales pitches, no empty promises – just pure, actionable insights designed to elevate your video marketing game.

Join us in Dublin this October as we walk this unique journey with you. Be part of an experience where learning leads to real earning. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your views into revenue and your content into profit.

Pay In Full 2024 Bonus:

YouTube Bootcamp

Value: £497

The YouTube Accelerator is build around the 4 Ps of YouTube Flywheel (Promotion, Planning, Producing, and Publishing). Throughout the year we’ll cover each topic regularly so you can move through the essential steps and continue to improve and expand. 

During the YouTube Bootcamp, you’ll work through all four keys in one busy, inspiring, exciting day. It’s fast-paced, fun and designed to help you get sh*t done! Full of challenges, commitments and accountability you’ll be amazed how much you get done in a day. 

Pay In Full 2024 Bonus:

1 Hour 1-2-1 Session

Value: £297

Sit down with Matt, roll up your sleeves and get ready for success. Bring your biggest YouTube goals, challenges and questions with you and Matt will help you clear the decks and prepare for progress. In a session you’ll cover everything from tech and gear to mindset and content ideas. 

No subject is off limits, and all feedback, support and advice is completely bespoke to you and your situation. You’ll leave with a stronger sense of who you want to attract, what you want to achieve and (most importantly) how to get out there and achieve it.  

Getting Started On YouTube Course

Value: £97

This is your kick-start guide to all things YouTube. Whether your YouTube channel needs some TLC or you haven’t got round to starting one yet, you’ll get a great start with this short course.

From branding to playlists, keywords to content ideas, if you’ve been dipping your toe in the YouTube waters for too long and are ready to dive in and make a real splash, this kick-start course is for you.

Video Editing School

Value: £97

Tired of fumbling around with video editing software, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best?

You’re not alone. And feeling confused will be a thing of the past after taking  this short course. 

Inside, you’ll learn the important foundations of video editing, giving you solid knowledge (and plenty of practice) with everything from transitions to timelines, captions to concepts. 

Most of us don’t learn the basics before diving right in and making ALL the mistakes. Mistakes are fine, but they take time to fix, so now you can say ‘see ya’ to editing frustrations and get on with making, and posting, a great video in half the time.

Content Repurposing School

Value: £97

Feeling like you’re spinning on the content creation wheel? 

It’s time to make your content work as hard as you , to work smarter (not harder).

In this short course, you’ll learn how to transform your signature video (aka your Netflix-worthy masterpiece) into a treasure trove of marketing assets.

How great would it feel to take one piece of content and quickly turn it into multiple posts, tweets, stories, and more, all while keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more.

With our step-by-step Content Repurposing Plan and Framework, you’ll maximize your content’s potential without spending countless hours in front of the camera or keyboard.

Total Value: £4559

Today's Price: £997

Now, next year or never?

If you’re anything like us, you can think of plenty of reasons not to join the YouTube Accelerator now.

Maybe you want to wait until the perfect time to launch or for a time when you have more space to focus on it.

How has that worked out for you so far?

As a busy business owner you know that putting something off till ‘the perfect time’ most likely means putting it off forever.

That’s a shame because your ideal clients are looking for someone like you to help them on YouTube.

If you want to get leads, make connections and grow your audience (and business) on YouTube 

There’s no decision to make.

Don’t delay it any longer.

Let’s get your YouTube channel launched.

Before you talk yourself out of this…

If you catch yourself thinking ‘sure, this works for other people but it probably won’t work for me’, let me assure you. 

Planning, launching and maintaining a channel on YouTube is 100% possible, no matter where you are in  your business journey.

You’ve never created a video before and feel intimidated by the technical aspects of filming and editing, our accelerator is designed to guide you through every step of the process, with beginner-friendly tutorials and personalised support.

With the Accelerator – you will succeed

You’re worried about the time involved in launching and growing a successful YouTube channel, our proven strategies and templates will help you work smarter, not harder.

With the Accelerator – you will succeed

You’re not sure if you have anything unique or valuable to share with the world, you’ll uncover your special talents, experiences, and insights, and package them into relateable content that resonates with your people. 

With the Accelerator – you will succeed

You’ve tried to grow a YouTube channel before and didn’t see the results you hoped for; our accelerator is designed to help you break through the barriers that have held you back, with targeted feedback, advanced strategies, and a supportive community to keep you motivated and accountable.

With the Accelerator – you will succeed

If you’re concerned about the investment required to join the accelerator, consider the long-term value of the skills, knowledge, and relationships you’ll gain. With our help, and with your hard work, you will succeed in building a thriving, profitable YouTube channel that opens up new opportunities and income streams for your business.

Total Value: £4559

Today's Price: £997

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Frequently Asked Questions

The incubator is focused on the four key pillars of YouTube
Plan, Produce, Publish & Promote.
By the end of the 4 weeks you will have;

  • Setup your Channel correctly
  • A 12 Month content plan
  • Published your first 1 – 4 videos (depending on the route you choose)
  • Have a simple process to film / edit your videos
  • Have a clear content repurposing / promotion plan

We have courses, yes. But that’s not what the Accelerator is. The incubator is about ACTION, courses invariably, sit on your digital book shelf and gather dust, so why buy another course you won’t take. Instead, let’s meet every week and make actual progress to get this launched.

Virality is based on so many aspects, so instead we focus on consistency and incremental improvements in your videos & content. This is why the programme includes 12 months access to my membership. The incubator is just the start, you will absolutely have more questions throughout the year and that’s why the weekly group calls exist.

The group meets every Friday at 12-1PM

There are two ways to pay

  • Annually (£997)
  • Quarterly (£267 x 4)

You have 12 months access to the accelerator as part of your subscription. I promise you will have questions over the next 12 months and the group calls on a Friday will be a lifeline for you.

I may as well point out the elephant in the room, I have 3000 subscribers as it stands. So I am no viral sensation, however, I am a video expert and i’ve travelled the world making video for businesses from one man bands through to billion dollar companies.

What I can guarantee you is my personal time and energy,to help you with your YouTube journey.
Bigger creators (and potentially, future Matt) do not have the time or capacity to help you, yet when you attend the weekly calls you will be there with me working together, no other creator offers this level of 1-2-1 time at this price point.

Who's a good fit for this?

Youtube is not for everyone, neither is the accelerator. But it's a great fit for you if...

You want to get infront of a bigger audience and you already use alternative methods, you feel the obvious next step is paid traffic but you’ve not tried or really strategically had a go at YouTube.

You’re tired of seeing others excel when they’re not as experienced as you or they give out bad advice, you know your advice is better but feel like your voice is not being heard.

You know there should be a better way and you think YouTube is just going to be more work, but guess what, I’m here to tell you it’s not and can actually make the hamster wheel LESS taxing

The truth is, you just need a plan and an easy to follow process, in this course and bonuses, that’s exactly what you get.

Total Value: £4559

Today's Price: £997

Limited spaces - grab yours today

We cap our numbers to six people every month to make sure you get the proper attention, support and guidance you deserve.

In a smaller group, we can learn more about your goals, challenges and strengths and provide tailored feedback and advice that speaks to you and everything that’s going on with you.

When you’re at the start of your YouTube channel adventure, it’s so easy to get swamped and side tracked. To help you get to the finish line and publish your channel, you need real humans with decades of experience helping you step-by-step. 

That’s why we limit our intake, and that’s how important you’ll feel when you join the Accelerator. 

We really mean it when we say it’s designed to fit around you and the goals you want to achieve.

Your clients are waiting for you on YouTube

I get it – investing in your YouTube journey (and growth) can feel like a big decision, and it’s easy to put it off in favour of, well, life.

But let me ask you this: how much longer are you willing to watch other creators and business owners succeed while you stay stuck on the sidelines?

Every day that you delay taking action is another day that you miss out on the incredible opportunities that YouTube has to offer. Another day of not sharing your message with the world, another day of not building a loyal community around your brand, another day of not creating the income and impact you deserve.

But here's the good news:

All the expert guidance, personalised support, and powerful resources you need to finally make your YouTube dreams a reality are waiting for you inside the Accelerator.

For just £997 (pay in full, quarterly, or monthly) you can join our accelerator programme and start seeing real results in just 4 weeks. That’s a small price to pay for the skills, confidence, and momentum you’ll gain, not to mention the long-term value of building a thriving, profitable YouTube channel.

So why wait another day?

Invest in yourself and your future success by joining our accelerator programme today.

Your audience is waiting for you, and we’re here to help you reach them – one video at a time.

Total Value: £4559

Today's Price: £997

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